Ivan Tagliani HairStylist

Ivan Tagliani HairStylist
Ivan Tagliani, hair – stylist In his career achieved several successes: from the stage of the Cosmoprof Theather to shootings for important magazines, from advertising campaign for l’Oreal to important events. Ivan hasn’t just helped realizing prestigious covers but, in his carreer, he had the chance to manage the image of several public show figures, musicians and athletes.
He works together with Maurizio Serretti teaching haircuts lines to worldwide collegues and he helped creating images for L’Oreàl Paris and Shu Uemura’s colors collections.

Ivan Tagliani is now recognized as one of the most important stylist in Italy for the haistyling, for the chromatic choices and for the haircuts, from the coolest lines to the classiest but with an always new taste. His salon is already widely recognized as a center where it’s possible to improve the look, the hair’s health or, simply, to become prettier…
Today, in the Corso Magenta 25 salon, you can find  Kerastase e Shu Uemura the fanciest brand fo the stars, the absolute perfection about haircare…

Ivan Tagliani is one of the few  hair-stylist chosen as Shu Uemura ambassador and he is the italian winner of a prestigious  photo shooting for Shu Uemura involving 9 countries; Ivan’s hairstyle placed itself between the first 10 of a worldwide chart.

In the Corso Magenta 25 salon, otherwse, you have the chance to always have a qualified beautician at your services; for the skin and the body amazing products “Villa Paradiso” are applied; These are ad hoc treatments for every kind of issues a skin could have… from a wax of a remineralising golden  leaf for the skin to draining remodeling for the skin for a rejuvenating break for both the body and the mind. And, for a night with friends or an important event you won’t just have the chance to make your face more relaxed thanks to our Beauty but, the team of the salon is gathered to enrich your face with the make-up of  Make Up For Ever. Clearly, as we are always updated about the hairsyle, we do the same about the make-up and its latest trends: we are able to give, indeed, sofisticated lasting effects with all the colors and the most trending musts of the season.

Always here, in Ivan Tagliani’s salon, you can find Essie , the american line mre used by the star sistem for hands and feet care. Essie, lead and formaldehyde free, promises to improve both the nails quality and the skin’s quality thanks to the line Essie spa and pledges everlasting effects with colorful semipermanent nail polishes.

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Ivan Tagliani

Creative Director

I love to make women happy by offering a little bit of more beauty


Silvia Faverzani


Make-up and hairstyle are my passion ... braids my vocation


Jessica Lussignoli


I love everything that is cosmetic, I like taking care of people, making them ever more beautiful and happy


Alla Gubar


My passion is the color ... women with hair color suited to their looks and personalities have something extra!


Sidorela Beqiri


Brushing gives me enthusiasm it always passionates me but, cutting hair, excites me every time


Giulia Ferrante


I love the color collections ...
doing the final brushing and seeing it all taking shape ...


Federica Baldrini


For years I deal with brushing color and cutting... meeting the needs of the customer is my priority

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