At any time the salon beautician is there available and ready to arrange, fix or correct the line of the eyebrows, remove unsightly hair, hair sing and all that can bother you. The service is fast and to optimize the dwell time of the customer this can be done simultaneously to a pose of a color session or treatment, or this can also happen during a polish change or a waxing, strictly coming from Villa Paradiso. The Depil Gold wax -based on microelements suitable for more sensitive skins, favors the elimination of the short and difficult hair to remove.


Price List

Eyebrows treatment 5,00€
Hair sing removal 5,00€

Wax treatment chest/back 30,00€
Wax treatment arms 20,00€
Wax treatment armpit 15,00€

Wax treatment total leg 30,00€

Wax treatment total leg + groin 40,00€

Wax treatment partial leg 25,00€

Wax treatment partial leg + groin 35,00€

Wax treatment groin 15,00€

Wax treatment Brasilian groin 20,00€

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